«We specialize in high-quality per-channel audio recording of live concerts and other events on almost any venue, whether it's a concert hall, a club or an openair»

| Information

The «Liven» company was founded in 2009 and initially worked in several areas, such as technical support of events, studio recording, live sound engineering, designing and installation of sound paths. Gradually, with gaining experience and expanding the technical base, all of the activities mentioned above quite naturally merged into a single activity — high quality per-channel audio recording of concerts. Within the last year we have recorded concerts the following bands:

Yuri Bashmet «New Russia Orchestra», групп «Aquarium», «BI-2», «Splin», «Krematoriy», «Slot», «Louna», a number of academic and jazz bands, got familiar with some of the largest concert halls in Moscow («StadiumLive», «Известия-Hall», «Moscow Hall», «MILK», «P!PL», «Б2», «16 Tons» and others), and now we are preparing to publish a series of live albums and DVD’s.

| FAQ:

What we do

We are specialized in high-quality per-channel recording of concerts. But, since recording of a concert is a complex process, we closely cooperate with rental agencies, filmmakers, recording studios, and form an independent mix for internet broadcasting.

Who we work with

In addition to the bands and performers we work with:

«Navigator Records» Label
«Planeta.ru» Portal
«Parametrica» recording studio
«Saturday Mastering» mastering studio
«Argo» recording studio
Gena Kravtsov rental company
Filmmakers of the «Firecat Production studio»
Filmmakers of the Vlad Zizdok’s studio

Why us?

The extensive experience of concert work has taught us to cater to musicians of almost all genres, working in the studio has provided us with a variety of technical and artistic solutions, and the experience in designing sound paths has allowed us to create the most flexible recording systems for recording almost any event at any concert venue.

Choosing us, you are guaranteed to get the highest quality recorded material. One of the advantages of our service is double backup recording of the audio path, which is especially important for concerts, i.e. in situations where technical failures are unacceptable.

Who we are

Liven company employs professional sound engineers and sound producers, each of whom has extensive experience not only in concert recording, but also in the related fields of sound work. This allows us to form recording teams based on the specifics of a particular event.

Some members of our team specialize in recording rock music, others in recording academic compositions and jazz, some specialize in solving technical problems. This way, the team that arrives to any event possesses the optimal skills to ensure the highest recording quality.

| Опыт

RECORDING:  Dmitry Kovyzhenko, Igor Ponevazh, Maxim Alimov
CONCERT SOUND ENGINEERING:  Igor Ponevazh, Maxim Alimov
BROADCAST SOUND:  Dmitry Kovyzhenko, Igor Ponevazh
EQUIPMENT RENTAL:  Alexander Kravtsov
MIXING AND MASTERING (call):  Sergey Bolshakov, Andrey Subbotin

| LIVEN Company Management

Dmitry Kovyzhenko CEO

Sound engineer, worked for five years as a senior engineer at the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory lab, Tchaikovsky Moscow Philharmonics. Before that worked in the field of technical assistance at events. Since 2008 has been engaged in per-channel audio recording of concerts. Took part in the installation of recording studios at the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, as well as recording studios of Ryumina Cultural Centre and Schnittke Institute of Music.

Igor Ponevazh
Leading Specialist

An engineer, who is well-known in the professional community. Participated in designing and installing the largest sound systems (Mosfilm, Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservator, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, The Satire Theater, a number of recording studios). One of the country’s leading experts in the products of Merging Technologies. Leading engineer of the sound hardware and Internet broadcasting department at Tchaikovsky Moscow Philharmonics.

Roman Tretyakov
Art Director

Designer and artist with a ten-year experience as a leading expert in advertising and project management in the fields of film and television in Russia, USA, the UK and Spain. An accredited specialist of the Siggraph Professional Chapters (USA). Has an experience of musical accompaniment of various projects (NTV +, Ride The Planet, BBC, Mobil- 1). Worked as a sound engineer (Spin Music Service).